3.5-2293 před 7 lety Fix the glew check. GLES3 can be used on non-Android platforms.
3.5-2292 před 7 lety [ARM] Use NEON for loading the values from psq_l, gives a minimal performance increase. This change also begins a new NEONXEmitter for having cleaner support for NEON.
3.5-2291 před 7 lety Update Gameini ratings from the Wiki
3.5-2290 před 7 lety [Android] Show the full text for save and load states if there's room on the screen. If not, let it overflow into a context menu.
3.5-2289 před 7 lety [Android] Make the MotionAlertDialog private. This isn't needed to be protected anymore. The only reason it was protected was for when the input settings were coupled as all hell to the GameListActivi...
3.5-2288 před 7 lety Move the creation of the GLInterface (and hence the video backend window) from VideoPrepare to Initialize in the software plugin (as in the GL plugin). This fixes issue 6564. It also makes the emula...
3.5-2287 před 7 lety Merge branch 'update-cmake-glew-test' Fixes issue 6548
3.5-2284 před 7 lety [ARM] Implement psq_l for 2x float loads. Couldn't find a game using quantized loads. Huge speed boost to Ikaruga and THP movies with this one.
3.5-2283 před 7 lety [ARM] Clean up some host side register allocations I missed.
3.5-2282 před 7 lety Merge branch 'translate-about'
3.5-2280 před 7 lety [Android] Fix the input binding string.
3.5-2279 před 7 lety Move some code from NetPlayClient.h to NetPlayProto.h, and only include that outside of NetPlay.
3.5-2278 před 7 lety Disable gui controls for gc controllers and memory cards during netplay and movies.
3.5-2277 před 7 lety Fix reply after shutdown error. Fixes Issue 6577
3.5-2276 před 7 lety [ARM] Make fnabsx and ps_nabs quicker. Sleep deprivation got the better of me.
3.5-2275 před 7 lety [ARM] Clean up FPR cache. Rapid fire floating point instruction implementations. Adds 13 new instructions.
3.5-2274 před 7 lety Make JITDISABLE not defeat grep.
3.5-2273 před 7 lety Allow input display to work with netplay even when not recording.
3.5-2272 před 7 lety Re-added the HLE code that creates the cdb.vff file on first launch of the Wii sysmenu.
3.5-2271 před 7 lety Merge branch 'comex-wiimote-fixes'