3.5-2313 před 7 lety Fix SDIO HLE writing garbage to memory.
3.5-2312 před 7 lety [Android] Fix a bug where the video backend would not load correctly.
3.5-2311 před 7 lety Remove the REQUIRED option from the cmake pkg-config check for GLEW so that cmake doesn't fail if a shared library is not found, and falls back to the version in the externals.
3.5-2310 před 7 lety ogl: also restore logic op for util shaders
3.5-2309 před 7 lety Move the CFrame::ClosePages call from ~CFrame to CFrame::OnClose
3.5-2308 před 7 lety Leak an object when quitting Dolphin to try and fix issue 6546
3.5-2307 před 7 lety Update the pot file and translation catalogues. This signifies the string freeze has officially begun.
3.5-2306 před 7 lety [NetPlay] Fix copy and paste error.
3.5-2305 před 7 lety Revert "Revert "NetPlay: Use the correct pad mappings for rumble""
3.5-2304 před 7 lety Revert "NetPlay: Use the correct pad mappings for rumble"
3.5-2303 před 7 lety videoCommon: also reset logicOp on mode switch
3.5-2302 před 7 lety [ARM] Implement psq_st. Optimizations in psq_l and fix all the remaining bugs...except clamping within the max value range of the value. Causes some minor visual effects mostly.
3.5-2301 před 7 lety [ARM] Add support for double registers in VMOV(immediate). Add VEOR and VSTR1. Fix some minor encoding bugs.
3.5-2300 před 7 lety [Android] Organize the list of allowed file extensions for the folder browser and game list alphabetically.
3.5-2299 před 7 lety [Android] Simplify some checks within the the folder browser in regards to checking if a file is hidden or not. Also potentially fixed the case where items in the game list would not remain saved to t...
3.5-2298 před 7 lety Add two buttons to the ISOProperties dialog so that we still meet string freeze deadline.
3.5-2297 před 7 lety NetPlay: Use the correct pad mappings for rumble
3.5-2296 před 7 lety [ARM] Optimization to psq_l, no need to push/pop regs anymore. Implement support for single float loading, gives a decent speedup to Ikaruga in menus and game.
3.5-2295 před 7 lety [ARM] Optimize that fastmem load/stores minimally.
3.5-2294 před 7 lety [ARM] 1 instruction optimization for psq_l