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Merge branch 'master' into wiispeak

# By Ryan Houdek (289) and others
# Via Jordan Woyak (23) and others
* master: (1950 commits)
  Gameini database update. Fixes issue 6258, Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey missing ingame pointer, and Battleship font. Various small changes.
  Fix the integer compare in our GLSL fmod function
  DSPJIT: the shift value must still be loaded into the correct register
  BPMemory: Fix a small documentation mistake from revision 9365187f8942.
  ppd: fix small issues in my last commit
  recreate "per pixel depth" option and renamed it to fast depth calculation
  Forced an external exception check on DI interrupts.  Fixes Summoner: A Goddess Reborn.
  fix underflow in IndexGenerator::AddFan
  Use SOUNDTOUCH_INTEGER_SAMPLES only on Android build. Some audio backends (i.e. OpenAL) only support floating-point samples.
  BPMemory: Add register documentation for texture source adress and EFB configuration.
  FifoPlayerDlg: Improve navigating through search results.
  [Android] More GLES3 things. Disable Framedumping and MSAA rendering. Remove the HLSL->GLSL shader defines since Qualcomm doesn't support this in their shader compiler. Now they get chosen in our shader generator instead.
  [Android] Beginning of GLES3 support.
  [Android] Add GLSLES3 to the GLSL version enums. Add in the version and precision qualifier to the shader header.
  GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT can't have type of GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE with glTexImage2D. Qualcomm drivers get hit with this but all else don't care.
  [Android] Use vsnprintf for the log messages.
  [Android] Add in a compiling option for GLES3
  [Android] Allow the user to select multiple browse paths.
  Fix some of the compiler warnings that have appeared recently.
  Build fix